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Workshop Collection Matt Kisiday (web) 85

Celebrate Craft’s Transformative Power

There is alchemy in applying the work of hand, weather, time, and even machine to simple materials. This transformation – an exploration of time-honored tradition, high technology, and nature – imbues each piece with depth and meaning. By expressing the hand of the maker, we give modern design a soul.
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Embrace Conscious Connectivity

Workshop Collection embodies a fascination with intersection and connection. Our furnishings connect designers and makers, architecture and interiors, materials and forms, positive and negative space, light and shadow, and ultimately, product and user.
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Balance Luxury and Ease

Soft, fluid, intuitive. To live seamlessly and effortlessly within a highly personalized space is the embodiment of modern luxury. Enveloping, enduring, and timeless, each piece elevates a room and the user’s experience.

Insist On Flexible, Functional Beauty

Marrying elegant forms with thoughtful functionality, we strive for 360-degree detailing and multi-purpose design. This way, pieces can move, flow, and even grow within the home, supporting the way we live today and tomorrow, too.
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True Style Transcends Trend

Inherently classic, the timeless principles of good design inform each design move, though we play, carve, connect, and transform to create something entirely new. Our job is done when a piece pleases the eye, sparks exploration, and supports the way the user hopes to live.
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